BLACK COMEDY  |  8 MINS  |  2015
A mysterious story about love, friendship and smallgoods.

Taken seriously by no-one, especially director Reuben Field (who played the role Jake as a learning exercise), "Ham" has nonetheless found success at festivals including FilmQuest Utah. 

Jake and Jimmy share a strange and filthy house, living in a certain kind of harmony... until the day Jimmy brings home a new "friend": a huge, slimy ham. There is not enough room in their world for the ham. Something's gotta give.

Based on a short story by Will Elliott ( Starring Murray Clapham, Reuben Field and a really heavy ham. Shot / cut / scored and directed by Reuben Field. Camera operator Yann Schlickelmann. Sound by Bjorn Stewart. "The Origin of Power" courtesy of Lazerhawk ( Oink.