Jon Steiner +
Reuben Field

Writer Jon and director Reuben have been collaborating for about a year. In that time we've made two strong shorts together, and in the future we'd like to make bigger and better things with like-minded producers. 

This page contains our two shorts, Robber and Gecko, as well as a bit of background and also a taste of the next thing we're working on: The Last Wilkies. If you like our stuff we'd be keen to meet up and chat about ideas. 




10min  |  Comedy (SORT OF)  |  2015 

At 3AM, two stoners have the best idea ever.


15MIN  |  DRAMA  |  2014 

Unexpected romance strikes middle-aged neighbours.


In Development

The Last Wilkies

From Jon's anthology of the same name (to be published late 2015), The Last Wilkies is a genre-bending story about capitalism, growing up, and rabbit meat. 

Ambitious young Erin is sent to liquidate a dead fast-food outlet in an isolated country town – but when she arrives she finds the last 'Wilkies' mysteriously still open for business. Inside, the store is promoting an out-of-date movie and is held together with sticky tape. Erin nervously pushes to see the manager, but when she meets "Dan" out the back things get even weirder. Convinced she is going to be chopped up for hamburgers, Erin attempts to escape but knocks herself out in the process. When she comes round, Erin witnesses something unexpected and beautiful that ties her in moral and professional knots.

We are working on a short film script for Wilkies, but we also see potential for a feature. Below you can read the original short story and also a 300 word feature outline.


In addition to Wilkies we have a low-budget feature in the works ("Kalgoorlie") and several well-developed TV comedy ideas. If you'd like to hear more, get in touch!



About Reuben Field  |  0429 821 977

Reuben tries to make "mainstream films with brains and heart and balls". As a director, Reuben brings a sense of humour and entertainment to subject matter that is often dark or offbeat. 

Reuben began his career as a commercial editor and then director with Jungleboys, culminating in a Grammy nomination (best music DVD). In 2006 Reuben co-founded Starchild Media, where he directed TV commercials and later won the 2009 MTV ONE80PROJECT with his short film, Wauchope. Subsequently, Reuben adapted Wauchope into a one-hour MTV telemovie called Dungoona (written by Jonothan Gavin and supervised by Imogen Banks). Dungoona was well received by MTV and Brian Walsh (Foxtel), and put into development as a Fox 8 series. Reuben led a team of writers (Jonathan Gavin, Declan Greene, Lachlan Philpott) to create eight one-hour scripts with oversight by EP Amanda Higgs. Dungoona began casting and location scouting, but the series was killed late in pre-production for non-creative reasons. In 2013 Reuben parted ways with Starchild, created his own commercial company 'Lights Camera Business' and began collaborating with writer Jon Steiner on new creative projects. 


Wauchope  |  3MIN

Winner of the MTV ONE80PROJECT. A new teacher tries to reach a class of unteachable country kids.




One-hour adaptation of 'Wauchope', later developed into 8 scripts for Foxtel.



No Ordinary Ham  |  8min

Wanting to improve at directing performance, Reuben made (and acted in) No Ordinary ham as a kind of experiment and learning experience. He learned that acting is hard. 



ABOUT JON STEINER  |  0421 880 797

Originally a New Yorker and then a Texas taxi driver, Jon Steiner now works in the archive department of the Australian Broadcasting Corportation by day and writes short fiction by night. His darkly humorous stories often feature flawed, bewildered characters forced outside their comfort zones.

Jon has degrees in film (Vassar, NY) and creative writing (UTS). His stories have been published in compilations by Brandl & Schlesinger and ABC Books, and his first solo collection of short fiction will be released in 2015 by Spineless Wonders. Two of his stories have been adapted for the screen by Reuben Field, and his postmodern love letter to David Foster Wallace, "Poioumenon", was produced for radio by ABC Radio National in 2015 (see below). 

Poioumenon (RADIO)

Listen here or listen at ABC Radio National