Robber is a short film shooting in late July aimed at international film festivals. 


Download the script from this link:

Short Synopsis

Late one night, three stoned students decide to scare each other for a laugh... but there is nothing funny about what happens next.

About the Director

My name is Reuben Field and I love entertaining-yet-thoughtful films. Previously I've won MTV's ONE80PROJECT competition, been nominated for a Grammy Award (USA), and directed TV commercials and music videos.

I love "Robber" because it reminds me of the stupid, dangerous things I did in my own youth. And it makes me wonder if – below their civilised surface – all human beings are really just animals waiting to go feral.

The film I want to make has a Tarantino kind of vibe, mixing tension, humour and ultra-violence.

About Eric

Eric looks dangerous, unpredictable, wild, edgy. He lives in a dirty share house. He shoplifts when he's run out of cash. He sells a bit of weed now and then. He might have tatts, a beard, dreadlocks or just wild hair. He's a bit sexy. A bit awesome. A bit scary.

About Jamie

Jamie looks harmless, forgettable, safe. He's slightly awkward, slightly self-conscious. Doesn't do well with the ladies. Drinks and gets stoned to loosen up. Jamie looks like nothing special BUT at the climax of the film he turns into a vicious, raging lunatic – shocking, terrifying, evil.

About Anne

Anne has a chip on her shoulder. Skinny and fragile looking, she dresses alternative, and projects a "don't talk to me" vibe. She stays over at Eric's place a lot (even though he's not very nice to her). Anne has a good bullshit detector, so she gets a bad vibe from Eric’s friend Jamie. NUDITY WARNING: Anne's blouse is ripped in the violent climax of the film, exposing her bra.